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Domain name information aggregator.

DomainPlex Service Overview

DomainPlex collects, normalizes and makes available information and tools related to the domain name industry.

The purpose of our service is to provide a cost effective method for performing high volume queries to the vast data and tools available on the DomainPlex network. We recognize that our data can be used to enhance many of the existing domain services as well as to create new ones.

Our database stores historical data for virtually every registered domain and the API makes accessing this data quick and easy. All results are available in standardized XML and CSV formats for easy parsing in any scripting language or desktop based development environment.

Here is a partial list of the features available through our API:

  • Generate Instant Domain Appraisals
  • Generate End-User Leads for Domains
  • Parse Domains to Words and Determine Domain Language
  • Check Domain Trademarks and Analyze Risk Level
  • Check Whois for Domains with Registrant and E-mail Parsing
  • Check Advertisers and Search Results for any Keyword
  • Check Monthly Search Volumes and CPC for any Keyword
  • Check Domains for DNS and Live Availability
  • Access Historical Domain Sales Records
  • Crawl Domains and extract Title, Metadata, Server Details, Parking Status and much more
  • Download raw and processed drop lists and zone files
  • Generate Typos, Domain Ideas from Search data and much more

The API is accessible using simple GET/POST HTTP queries and is capable of handling both large and small data sets (up to 100,000 domains per query for some API commands).

DomainPlex data comes from a wide range of sources. Some data is queried directly (ex: whois, dns) while other data is extrapolated through indirect means (ex: search volumes and CPC).

No matter what the source of the data, the output is always in standardized XML format ready for usage on your service. To ensure equal access by all, tools and data available through the API have have a daily query limit.

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